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We are currently in the build up stages of launching Guardian Angel Ammunition. Please check back soon as we begin manufacturing our own blend of range and operational ammunition. However, for now if you are looking for ammunition to purchase for one of our courses or to use on the range please review the chart below for available calibers and costs.


$25.00 / 100 rounds

.40 S&W

$37.00 / 100 rounds

.45 ACP

$40.00 / 100 rounds


$35.00 / 100 rounds

All prices are before tax. There are discounts for orders over 1,000 rounds please call or email us for details.

Custom Orders
These are just a few of the most popular ammunition calibers we carry. However, if you have a specific request please contact us and we will either make it for you or aid you in finding it.

FFL Transfers
If you have purchased a firearm and need an FFL to conduct the transfer please give us a call. All of our transfer fees are $20 for single firearm transfers.