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Updated Calendar
posted by GAPMC

We have updated our new calendar here. Although these courses are what we expect to run this year they can be changed so check back often. Additionally, check out some of the newest courses and clinics we are offering. As always if you have a special request please contact us and we will make it happen.

posted by GAPMC

EDC Clinics are monthly clinics focusing on individuals who are taking defense upon themselves. If you are an individual who has your CHL or other licenses to carry a firearm these clinics are for you! Simply having a firearm and the fact you have been to a CHL class is not enough...firearms training is a perishible skill and you need to continue to take it upon yourself to be responisble for your training and skill sets.

Texas Law Shield
posted by GAPMC

Are you prepared for the day you have to defend yourself, your family, or your home? What about legal actions that may follow the incident. GAPMC has now partnered with Texas Law Shield to provide legal representation for just that circumstance. Contact Us to find out more. Or sign up at and use promo code "guardian".