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We are honored to train and work with some of the people in the world.

We want to hear from you and I'm sure if this is your first time looking at GAPMC for your training and security needs you want to hear what is said about us. Please see a few of the testimonials that thoes who have worked worth us submitted. If you have a testimonial that you would like to submit to us please send it to Our goal is simply to provide the best service and training at a great value.


Tactical firearms training is a difficult thing to do well. Not because the mechanics are all that intricate or concepts overwhelmingly complex, but rather because each student comes to the table with their own built in biases that you, as an instructor, don't know and aren't always readily identifiable. We all learned to shoot somewhere and that somewhere can range from your grandpa to Tier One formal marksmanship and everything in between. What that translates into for tac instructors is a daily milieu of "I always did it this way" and "I read that..." and so on until, as an instructor, you know that every one of your students is going to either be Jesse James or Gomer Pyle.

Getting past that as an instructor is incredibly challenging. Getting to a place where you can effectively level set and bring a group of disparate individuals forward quickly, in a cohesive manner is truly the hallmark of a stellar trainer. It is also remarkably rare to find and difficult for organizations to maintain once they do assemble a cohort of competent, confident firearms coaches.

I am pleased to report, however, that I recently worked with once such organization. Guardian Angel Professional Military Contractors (GAPMC) is without question one of the small percentage of high caliber training outfits that has figured out the code to safe, effective firearms manipulation training. My time there was immensely enjoyable, informative and useful after I left. The particular group that I shot with ranged the gamut from father and teenage son to Texas State Patrol and former Tier One operators with a healthy dose of nearly first time shooters, females ranging from soccer mom's to ranchers and business professionals as well as one Rambo in training. And guess what? We all learned something and perhaps most importantly, had a blast. The instructors were without exception first rate and very knowledgeable about their craft and more importantly, their students. We were treated with a collegial camaraderie that maintained a professional distance while respecting our differing backgrounds enough to make us all feel as if we were part of a significant shared experience. Hell, I'm still wearing that Texas State Patrol patch from the shooter buddy that they paired me with and I didn't think I'd ever see eye to eye with a state bull on anything!

It was outstanding from top to bottom and I'd highly recommend GAPMC to anyone who want to improve their firearms acumen.


This is program is excellent for any law enforcement, military personnel or civilian interested in sharpening their skills and learning new and advanced tactics. The instructors are well versed in the material and can make sure the class is suited to your needs and what scenarios you want to train for. From a LEO stand point I greatly benefited from this training and know that I can make practical use of the training in the field. I recommend Guardian Angel PMC to anybody who loves to train and make themselves better prepared individual, so when that day comes and you are in the fight of your life, you have the training and confidence to survive and overcome.


Thanks again for the training on Saturday. The exhibition of the courses you offer was a good experience. Even after my active military service and five years policing, your training exposed me to things I had never done before and I immediately asked myself why. Your training is tactically and operationaly focused and would be beneficial to any gunfighter. Thanks again!

Scott Martin

You guys have a really great thing going on out there...for sure. I had a ton of fun out there, and did learn a lot of good skills. It's easy to have basic fundamentals, but putting them all together, and using them properly is something different altogether.

Chad Goggans

Great course, worth every penny. I'm telling all my friends this is the place to go for firearms training.

Chris Lowder

Awesome class for the beginner to the advanced shooter something for any and everyone.

Joshua Maberry

Had a blast at Intro to Combat Carbine and Mastering the Combat Carbine this weekend. Awesome group of guys and a great training atmosphere. Highly recommend these courses.