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Mickey "Mooch" -- Instructor

Mickey served for eight years in the Marine Corps. When he first enlisted, he chose the Motor Transport MOS, but after a couple of years he had finished all the schools that the MOS had to offer and he wanted to do something else. So, he reenlisted and made the change to Parachute Rigger. After arriving at 2nd Force Recon, he attended several of the schools normally reserved for operators and was able to earn a spot as a Team member. He missed the opportunity to go into Afghanistan during the first assault, but would get a chance to visit a couple of times later. He did get the opportunity to be in the invasion of Iraq and returned a year later in '04-'05.

Mickey was able to attend schools and achieved certifications for Jump Master, Hurst Master, and the Shooting Package at SOTG. Mickey is an experienced fighter with and without a weapon with real world experiences. This combined with his passion for training make him an incredible addition to the instructor core of the team.