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Matt Lillis -- Lead Instructor

Matt served in the US Air Force for over seven years and has the background of both law enforcement and military operations as a Security Forces Officer. He held positions such as a Officer in Charge of Training and Resources, Flight Commander, Wing Anti-Terrorism Officer, and a deployed Operations Officer as well as Chief of Security Forces. He has planned and led many security details for key individuals such as the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, as well as securing millions of dollars in aircraft assets.

He has established, trained, and equipped two Emergency Services Teams (Air Force versions of SWAT teams) as well as built a Combat Readiness Force program to train and prepare deploying airmen for combat operations while attached to US Army units or those performing outside the wire operations. While deployed to the Salah Al-Din province Matt was tasked to train, develop intelligence, and combat insurgents with Iraqi Police in and around the major cities in the Salah Al-Din province, one of only two USAF units tasked with those operations in all of Iraq.

Matt has served in numerous operations across sister services as well as the RAF Regiments and local law enforcement units. He has completed many small team tactics courses such as Colorado Springs SWAT, Douglas County SWAT, Aircraft Interdiction, and many others.

Matt's experience, his professionalism, and his character lend great credence to himself and the Guardian Angel PMC cadre. This combined with his passion for training make him an incredible addition to the team.